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Course Feature

  • ・The length of the course can be freely decided according to students’ own curriculum and the speed of lessons.
  • ・Students of short course will have class with those who hold student visa. All the class times and contents are the same.
  • ・Acceptance of students of all levels. Effective and reasonable placement system for class teaching.
  • ・Monthly payment of tuition fees. Givn winter holiday and summer holiday, payment for half a month is possible.
Applicable students ・Students who have visa (except for student visa) to stay in Japan, or those who were born in Japan visa-free countries to Japan.
・Students who attend school seriously and have clear objective of Japanese learning.
Level 0 level ~ all levels
(A placement test in the first week after entering the school followed by class division in accordance to the test result)
Application Period New classes are open in April、July、October、January in principle. Acceptance for entrance in other months is also possible.
Course Duration ※The length of course can be designed according to students’ own curriculum. Half attendance is possible.

Enrollment in April:2 year course
Enrollment in July:1 year 9 months
Enrollment in October:1 year 6 months
Enrollment in January:1 year 6 months
Course Summary Basic, Intermediate, Pre Advanced, Advanced Japanese
Lectures on Japanese society and culture
Apply Time Anytime

•The quota of short course students varies according to the actual situation. Please telephone us or send E-mail to us to get further information.

TUITION (JPY/ Tax Included)

  Admission Fee Tuition Fee Payment
General payment ¥10,000 ¥ 35,000/Month Before25th of last month
Reduction and exemption system ¥10,000 ¥ 200,000/Half a year You can enjoy fee exemptions of 10,000 Japanese yen if you pay the tuition fee off one time for half a year.

Course Guidance

I- Learn the basic writing, speaking, listening skill and begin with Hiragana/Katakana.

II- Step up to learn various of sentences based on (utilize) current practice in basic Ⅰ.


Based on current practice in basic Ⅰ and Ⅱ, increase expression and vocabulary. Begin to prepare EJU (Examination for Japanese University Admission for International Students) and Nihongo Kentei (Japanese Language Examination) Level N2


Learn the academic level Japanese enough to enter or transfer to college and graduate program. Enhanced academic writing and reading skill based on current practice in Intermediate course. Continue to prepare EJU and Nihongo Kentei Level N2.


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